A little piece of Route 62, my way

http://to.ly/lvty   Link to Robertson, Montagu map

http://to.ly/lGyW Link to Worcester map

An A to Z of some of my favourite stops.

Take your time, no plan needed, just go slow and explore, feel, listen, feast your eyes, engage your senses, wave and talk to strangers and feel your smile grow.

A. affie plaas farmstall just before you get into Robertson. Look for the large straw men| buy some Fat Bastard Beer

B. Bonnievale, the pretty town, the wine estate, the scenic drive to it.| Bon Courage estate

C. Conradie Family Wines in the Nuy Valley, just after Worcester

D. Du Toits Kloof pass, the holiday feeling kicks in here as you leave Cape Town behind

E. Echoes. Get out your car between the tunnel and Worcester, inhale and then shout, yell, let the city stress out… then just breathe

F. Festivals and fresh air. Wacky wine, Slow Wine,

G. Graham Beck wine estate| Goudini Wines

H. Hands on Harvest Festival, Robertson

I. In the fields, see if you can spot the Bishop Bird, look for the red beak

J. Jokers and aces, The Golden Valley Casino in Worcester

K. Klipdrift Brandy Cellar, main road, Robertson, met eish ja!

L. Laverne Wine Boutique, the best of the Roberson Valley in one place.

M. Montagu | mountains, hot springs, dried fruit, nuts, wines, jams

N. Nuy Valley where time stands still | Nkqubela township tours

O. Outdoor Arena in Bonnievale, fishing, food, pub, “kap n raps golf” in stunning setting

P. Platform 62 in Ashton for local arts, crafts, wine, fruit, coffee and snacks

Q. Quiet times to restore your soul

R. Robertson | Rooiberg wineries

S. Spaces in Robertson for food, art, clothing and cool stuff |Sheilam Cactus Garden

T. Tannie Lettie at Robertson tourism, she knows everything |The Small Hotel, opulence

U. Utter silence when you stop along the road between the towns

V.  Viljoensdrift for mouth watering deli and wine tasting river cruises

W. Wacky Wine festival

X. Xtreme adventure at Skydive Robertson

Y. Yellow and red cannas  growing along the roadside, great for photographers

Z. Zevenwacht estate and its classic Cape Dutch architecture


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