Why blogging should be taught in kindergarten

When the world finally implodes and vanishes up its own anus, I shall be in my happy place called Blogland.

Stepping into the blogging community is a culture shock.

It is a different world with a set of values that would resonate with your grandmother.

It is a respectful and gentle world that embraces all opinions, supports and encourages novices and advocates integrity at all times.

We have become accustomed to the notions of self and instant gratification, admiration for ruthless ambition and an increasing inability to really communicate and engage.

Blogging is about sharing. Not vacuous “I just ate a pizza ” sharing, bloggers share their expertise and insights freely, in part as self promotion but also as they have embraced the concept that knowledge should be shared. It seems to encourage the innate kindness in people.

If other social media is described as “I am, I can, I did, I like, look at me  me me me me me me me me me me me……..

Blogging is “can I help you, let me show you, you could try to, here is how to, I like what you did, I see what you did, I have connected you with others who will also assist and encourage you.”

So I say, teach blogging in kindergarten. We could raise a generation who see integrity as the core of who they are, who love to share, who respect themselves and others, who engage in their communities both real and digital and who are helpful and supportive of others.

Thank you to the travel blogging community for helping me find my home,  a special mention must go to Meruschka,http://to.ly/mG4w   Dawn Jorgansen ,http://t.co/KKqxDIC0bh and all members of Face Book South AfricanTravel Bloggers http://to.ly/mG4D


4 thoughts on “Why blogging should be taught in kindergarten

  1. Thanks for this lovely post Di. One thing that stuck out for me at GTBC is that this is a great community. We are here to learn from each other, support each other, and grow together. So glad you are part of it!

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