Another 10 steps to make South Africa greater

Sometimes we just need a reminder that changing small things can make a big difference.

So building on 10 steps to make South Africa Greater,  reblogged here by MzansiGirl, here are another 10 ideas

Natural awesomeness is a given in South Africa, but our biggest strength and our hope for the future are our people. Every single South African has some Mzansi magic inside them. Pick just one thing from the list below to focus on, and South Africa will be greater..



1.  Be law abiding | not selectively. All of them.

2.   Be respectful  |  if you give respect you will earn it it return

3.   Be accountable  | we all make mistakes, own up and make amends

4.  Be responsible | speak up and hold others accountable

5.  Be constructive | master the art of constructive criticism

6.  Be graceful  |  if you commit to something, do it with good grace

7.  Be active  |  do more, speak less

8.  Be open minded  | learn about and celebrate different cultures

9.  Be a role model  | a whole generation needs to look up to you

10. Be a dreamer  | dreams give hope and can become a reality



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