8 survival tips for #SlumberGames contestants

We are in the first hour of DAY 25 of #SlumberGames and it is getting really tough.

Sleep is to be avoided at all costs. These helpful tips might assist you to survive the last 5 days.

1. SHEEP are your worst enemy right now. Don’t look at them, think about them, and definitely don’t count them.Image

2. STIMULANTS are your new best friend, do not avoid them, Coffee, cigarettes and alcohol. All the things you were warned about by your mother… embrace them now. There is no such thing as too much coffee for the next 5 days


3. RELAXATION is not an option for you right now. No deep breathing, long, hot baths or soothing massages.

And don’t even think about meditating.


4. BEDROOMS are strictly off limits as they contain beds, warm duvets and memories of that luxury called SLEEP.

Do not enter any bedroom as you could be lured into lying on the bed , just for 5 minutes. Game over.


5. PEOPLE. Friends, family and work colleagues should not be engaged with at all, unless it  is in a supportive role of letting you power-nap while they promise to sit and hold your phone.


6. POWER & DEVICES  are your life source . It is best to just stay at home until the 30th. Speedy access to phone and laptop, chargers, wifi, and stop watches is vital. Everything you need can be bought online or outsourced to a trusted family member.


7. LISTS. A list of things to do between the hours of 11pm and 7am when the fortunate are fast asleep is key to staying awake and alert. Games, chores, creative pursuits and blogging are recommended. Do not consider  anything too noisy or that prevents you from having your phone in contact with your body.


8. FOCUS.Remind yourself, and anyone who is making demands on you that at present you do not have a life.

Question guy owns you.

You are a slave to #SlumberGames and can not be distracted, berated or chastised.

May the beds be in your favour and good luck on your side.


SlumberGames is a competition presently being run by the City Lodge Hotel Group on Twitter. It started on 1st September with 3 to 4 opinion type questions at alloted times each day. As the contestants have been whittled down to the last 50 or so, the questions come at any time of the day or night, with just 20 minutes allowed to Tweet the correct answer. Sleep is no longer an option. The winner of the coveted prize, valued at R70 000, is the last one Tweeting. The prize is a week a year for 2 people for 5 years at any hotel in the group. 

Follow the diehards on Twitter using the #SlumberGames and while you are about it, take a look at the City Lodge website, special offers and incentive programmes. They also publish an interesting blog with travel and activity suggestions for towns in South Africa.

www.citylodge.co.za     www.slumbergames.co.za


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