Ode to SlumberGames: The Seduction

You invited me, I did not seek you out.

So playful and attentive at first.

Flattering me, repeating what I say, sharing what we have

Making me your favourite

Telling me our plans, always on time,

You never missed a date.


Things changed,  not so reliable, you are vague

No response to my contacts

yet when you contact me you DEMAND a response.

Feeling a little unsettled,

What have I got into?

Weekends and holidays you are incommunicado, but I must wait for you

Then in the early hours of the morning you seek my full attention, and I comply.

W H Y   W H Y     W H Y

Your demands become more unpredictable, your moods erratic, but still I stay, and wait and wait and

W    A    I    T   I  N  G

For you

You threaten rejection every few days

Then issue a tease of future promises, and I am reeled back in

I cant sleep or think, and I realise that my life now revolves around YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU

M  A N  I  P  U  L  A  T  I  O  N

Mind games, the power you have over me.

Power I willingly give to you

Oh how I love and hate you #SlumberGames


5 thoughts on “Ode to SlumberGames: The Seduction

    • I dont think I have slept since I saw you on Saturday. Staying up all night in the lounge surrounded by phone, laptop and endless cups of coffee. Catching up on work, watching movies and going outside into the icy air when I feel drowsy. Feeling rather shaky and slightly incoherent from lack of sleep, lol.

      35 of us remain with 4 days, and nights to go. We are getting just 15 minutes in which to answer, not so easy when you are this tired. Not much in the way of questions during the day, but you have to stay vigilant as there is no discernible pattern. After 9pm until 7am we could get anything between 1 and 5 questions.

      Just have to hope I can power-nap during the day, stay awake for another 4 nights, and that my luck holds.
      Looking up answers to questions that often appear to have more than 1 correct answer, or are ambiguously worded it not fun when you KNOW your brain is sluggish.

      Thanks for the support, it is appreciated. Definitely get together once this is over and I have stockpiled some sleep. xx

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