A #SlumberGames Poemlet

No Spouse on the House  to assist me, In my  Bid2Stay  awake,

Too cold in the Cape for Spring Fever,  lost my bounce, how much more can I take

Made no plans or Reservations, being a Single Supplement’s not easy

Suffering from sleep deprivation, I’m feeling slightly queasy

People caring for people, I  truly care only for sleep

Feeling so very tired, I could just lie down and weep

Team Scheme effort would be a welcome respite,

From the need to stay up all night

Then I could have the Beds in my Favour

A victory I would love to savour

Follow the die-hards on Twitter using the #SlumberGames and while you are about it, take a look at the City Lodge website, special offers and incentive programmes. They also publish an interesting blog with travel and activity suggestions for towns in South Africa.

www.citylodge.co.za     www.slumbergames.co.za

SlumberGames is a competition presently being run by the City Lodge Hotel Group on Twitter. It started on 1st September with 3 to 4 opinion type questions  being Tweeted at allotted times each day. As the contestants have been whittled down to the last 16 , the questions come at any time of the day or night, with just 5 minutes allowed to Tweet the correct answer. Sleep is no longer an option. The winner of the coveted prize, valued at R70 000, is the last one Tweeting. The prize is a week a year for 2 people for 5 years at any hotel in the group. 


6 thoughts on “A #SlumberGames Poemlet

  1. I don’t think you realise just how stressful this is for your fans and supporters. Every time I see a new blog entry from you with I worry that this is where you announce your elimination!!

    As Alison says, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

    • Hi Francoise, you have no idea how much all the unexpected support means to me. It certainly helps to get me through the very long nights. I am on Day 6 of no sleep. That is when I blog, it helps me to stay awake. Also explains the confusing garbage I an churning out, brain not to clear right now.
      Keep on following to the end, midnight on Monday.
      Kind regards and big yawns, Di

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