6 Reasons why City Lodge Hotels is my new first choice

For the last 28 days, and nights I have been competing in the City Lodge  #SlumberGames Twitter competition.

In this time I have gained insight into the group and been very impressed. Here are the reasons that  why I will use them for my future leisure and business travel.

1.  ETHOS.

 This is what has impressed me the most. Their core focus is on people, caring, value and service excellence.

This  extends not only to their guests but to their staff as well, earning them “Best Employer ” status. Read more http://to.ly/pi8L and Proudly South African  http://to.ly/pi9i

2.  Affordable.

I previously  assumed that as a Hotel Group, by default they would be more expensive than B & B’s or Backpacking lodges that I usually use. I have since learned that they have a broad range of prices and are well within my budget. A pleasant surprise.

3.  Incentives & Special offers.

They offer regular specials and have three ongoing incentives programs to cater to many varying requirements. From your spouse joining you over weekends at no extra cost, to being able to bid for a reduced rate, or benefit from big savings for group bookings. For details click on link http://to.ly/paju. They also offer two loyalty schemes, the Lodger Club and the Corporate Club. Membership is free, see link for more details. http://to.ly/pajG

4.  Experienced.  Since 1985 the City Lodge Group have been growing, refining and innovating. They listen to, and understand their guests and adapt to the changing needs of travellers.

5.  People centered.  “We’ll make you feel at home” is another of their slogans, but the one I love, that is at the core of their caring service is that they aim to always state “I’m kind”

6.  Service Excellence. Their slogan is  “People Caring for People” and as their recent achievements at the Lilizela Tourism Awards show, they seem to be getting it right. http://ow.ly/p3fSk

7. Giving Back. They take their “People caring for People”out into the broader community via their Social Responsibilty involvement with Hospice, and Food and Trees for Africa. http://to.ly/pi9u

So if you are wondering where to stay on your next trip, why not take a look at the variety of offerings of The City Lodge Group



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