A day for quiet reflection. 6th December 2013

The flags fly at half mast, church bells toll, and street poles are adorned with posters of our beloved Madiba

Newspaper vendors stand silently while the headlines shout with the news that has numbed us.  Image

We knew it was coming, but nothing prepared us for the enormity of the grief we are experiencing.

There is no “bounce” in the city of Cape Town today.

The streets are devoid of the usual bustling and vibrant locals going about their business.Image

The city churches open their doors and offer sanctuary and comfort for all who seek it.



This woman sings,oblivious to all around her. A haunting African song, her powerful voice unleashing her pain.


The floral tributes have already started to pour in, the simple messages more moving than the grand words from the worlds leading statesmen. Words of children saying goodbye to their beloved Tata.


Today in the city, I saw no tears, no outpouring of grief.

I saw a gentleness, as though we all acknowledge the fragility of one another’s feelings today.

I saw kindness, and respect and once again Madiba has united us.

Today is a day for quiet reflection.

Tomorrow and the future will be days for action, to continue the long walk to freedom, to achieve the Rainbow Nation that Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to. It is the least we can do to honour the memory of this remarkable man.

Dignity, integrity, humility, compassion, intelligence, grace, selflessness.

What a role model. We have to keep his dream alive.

Thank you Tata for opening our eyes and showing us what we can achieve with love and forgiveness.


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