One Tweet can change your life. NOMAD GORILLA TREK

24 days to go!

Kenya and Uganda with Nomad Tours ,6 travel bloggers, my best friend and 2 guys from Ultimate Braai Master.

I have to thank Twitter because that is how it started.

Late night chatting on Twitter to friends I have never met, about a sweet tweet from Nomad Tours.

The tag #GorillaGirls was coined

Dawn Jorgensen sent off an e mail

Jess from Nomads got excited

and the idea grew arms, legs & wings.


For me it is going to be the trip of a lifetime, and Blog school in a truck.

I still can’t type with my thumbs, or even see my screen until I have found my reading glasses.

I don’t really understand half of the functions on my Samsung Galaxy S3 MINI, and will probably be lugging a laptop through East Africa.

Add to that all the adapters, chargers,leads, instruction manuals for cameras and my GoPro, and I can’t seem to find space for clothes and other essential items.

HEADLINE: Naked granny frightens gorilla……. you will know my packing did not go well!

My intention is ( hopefully while fully clothed ) to observe, question and learn from my more experienced travel companions, who are Kelly Berold, Linda and Mike Markovina from Moving Sushi, Dawn Jorgensen, Sarah Duff  and Joseph Lawrence.

Simon and Christoph from Smoke, Sweat and Tears might teach me the art of lighting fires that don’t go out, and braaing food that is on the right side of raw or charred.

The Nomad guides will feed, drive and educate us as we Tweet, blog, photograph and share it all with you.

Follow our stories starting on February 5th, or boldly book your own Gorilla Trek with Nomad Tours.

Bonus for South Africans, you get a whopping 20% discount just for being lucky enough to be a Mzansi native. 

I    C A N ‘T    W A I T 

More Gorilla Trek posts here. Finding my Ancestors & Paperwork and the boring bits

Link love.

Visas  |  Visalogix

Travel & Medical Insurance  |  Travel Guard

Flights  |   Up & Orange










11 thoughts on “One Tweet can change your life. NOMAD GORILLA TREK

  1. Wow, the excitement must really be mounting. I hope you have a fabulous time and enjoy your all-too-short short time with those gorgeous creatures – but the moment will live with you forever.

  2. Sounds like a trip that is more than just a passive experience. I look forward to hearing how you get on. And by the way, I hear gorillas love naked grannies, all that safari gear gets them confused.

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