Gorilla Trek. 10 things I’m looking forward to that don’t include gorillas.

The Nomad Gorilla Trek I am bravely undertaking on the 5th February this year is not only about the gorillas.

I got a little side tracked focusing on the reality that I will be within a few meters of real live, strong, hairy, large toothed gorillas in 23 days time. Reading through my itinerary again I was reminded of all the other aspects of this East African adventure I am looking forward to.

Apart from the 5 National Parks, 4 impressive lakes and 4 African cities we will be visiting, I cant wait to:

Stand on the Equator and just know that I am at 0 degrees North or South. As a cartographer, this will be a total thrill. I hope to see the Coriolis effect, or a toilet where the water just goes straight down, swirling neither left or right. I really hope it’s not a trick!

Gaze at the stars. I am sure the night sky is going to be spectacular, as we will be in some remote areas where there will be no light pollution. Hmm, should I pack a collapsible telescope, and Northern and Southern hemisphere star books?

Have lunch on the side of the road, in the middle of Africa. Imagine saying that line when telling a story! (cos Africa is a country of course, y’all know that)

 Try to speak Swahili, and be  surrounded by people talking in a foreign language. Hopefully I won’t get it all wrong and end up married to someone, adopting an elephant or buying a sugar estate by mistake.

Wet my feet at the source of the Nile, and not find a baby in the bull rushes. My child rearing days are over thanks.

Have a bush pooh . This could  be an adventure. If a wild animal appears at least I will be in the correct position to crap myself without messing up my clothes. Thinking positively, as one does just prior to being eating by a lion.

See the Great Rift Valley, and not fall in, just take loads of photographs.

Sit around the fire pit and interrogate my new friends. I find people fascinating, a nice way of saying I’m nosy, but everyone has interesting stories.You just need to ask enough questions and out they come. (she said in a caring manner)

Kwaheri for now.


7 thoughts on “Gorilla Trek. 10 things I’m looking forward to that don’t include gorillas.

  1. Any particular reason you don’t want to end up “married to someone, adopting an elephant or buying a sugar estate”? Any of these could make for fascinating stories!

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