12 easy ways to be kind to the planet. #Earth hour starts at home

Earth hour is a good excuse for a party, hopefully it also makes us think, educates and changes us.

Being kind to the Earth and reducing your carbon footprint begins at home with little things.

12 simple ways to love the Earth.


We are all slaves to consumerism in varying degrees. This means we accumulate “stuff”. Pass on what you no longer need, plenty of places will be thrilled with your junk, clothes that have shrunk, shoes that hurt you, impulse purchases or that hideous vase aunty Mabel gave you as a wedding present and you will never, ever use. …………….I’m sure you have got the idea.


Accept the challenge to reduce your rubbish by half, or more. Most schools have recycling programs, use them. Look at your electricity and water bills and make a concerted effort to lower them.Sometimes just being mindful can change your habits. Get creative, brainstorm with friends and family for tips and ideas. Kids will surprise you with their suggestions. Compete with your friends.

3. DRAW UP AN ENERGY SAVING PLAN for your home  Being green can be expensive so plan, budget and make a start. Start with the little things. Replace old globes with eco friendly ones. Use solar lights for outside areas. We have more than enough sunshine.Turn off lights when you exit a room. Don’t spend 10 minutes daydreaming in the shower.

4. TRAIN YOURSELF to think like an eco warrier. Once you start realising how much we all waste, how easy it is to save, be it water, electricity or petrol, you will start finding it easy to recycle, think twice before you buy something, find creative ways to re-use “stuff” or local places to pass on your unwanted goods to.


RE-USE       |       RECYCLE       |       REPAIR       |   SHARE

SAVE    |    WATER   |     ELECTRICITY    |   PETROL   |    MONEY


5.  Walk to your local shop if you only have a few things to buy. Good for your health ,your pocket and the atmosphere.

6.  Water your lawn with your washing machine and shower water. A length of pool hose attached to the outlet pipe works like a  dream. The enzymes in washing powder are good for your lawn, bonus!

7.  Solar powered geysers can be expensive. A water saving shower head and a geyser blanket do make a difference, as does turning your geyser down to 60C, and turning it off during peak times.

8. If you enjoy gardening start removing water greedy plants and replace with indigenous ones. Succulents all flower at some point, love being ignored and require very little water.

9. Buy fresh produce as much as you can. It is generally cheaper, better for you, reduces wastage as you shop for what you need, and it does not require unnecessary packaging.

10. Do not drink bottled water, ever ! SA water is perfectly safe to drink, it comes out of the tap. So much better than in a plastic bottle that will take a billion years to biodegrade.

11. Use a cold wash on your washing machine. It really does work.

12. Tumble driers are for emergencies only. Fresh air and sunshine usually do the job just as well.

H A P P Y    E A R T H    H O U R    E V E R Y O N E 


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