Cradock, #shotleft to a little town with a big heart

Time is the enemy of our instant society.

The delightful town of Cradock compels you to just slow down and savour the moment.

Lisa Antrobus is the heart and soul of this grand old colonial hotel situated in Market Street, the historical centre of the frontier town.



Die Tuishuise & Victoria Manor

After an introduction by a  mutual friend, Dawn Jorgensen, she welcomes me like a long lost family member.

She is quite right, there is always time for a cup of coffee and a chat.

A tour of the hotel is entertaining as Lisa has a passion for the town and a lifetime of stories and anecdotes to share.


I loved the fusion of past and present. Gorgeous antiques and funky African art blend comfortably in every space.


Fine dining the old fashioned way.


Natural light, greenery and functional art add to the warmth and homely feel of the Manor.


Every step reveals another piece with it’s own story.


Die Tuishuise are 30 delightful Karoo cottages, lovingly restored as guesthouse accommodation units  by the Antrobus family

I am desperate to return to experience the Karoo Comfort Zone Spa, in particular the ” Hum and Sun massage”.

 Relaxation is a sure thing as local Xhosa ladies hum traditional songs while massaging away the tension and stress of  modern life.


A peaceful haven of a garden to smell the herbs, let your imagination roam free, and absorb the Karoo.


I sat here for a few minutes loving the results of true sustainable tourism.

 I need to learn more about the how and why, the hopes for the future and the successes already achieved.


Every cottage has a history, every street has a tale, every town has it’s secrets

I know one thing. I have to go back to Cradock. There are stories waiting for me.



South Africa is bursting with small towns like Cradock, waiting to inspire, delight and welcome you. This is the essence of a #shotleft.

No need for big budgets to go to tourist towns. Do a little research into some of the towns closest to where you live. You will be surprised by what is on on offer.

Food, wildlife, birds, crafts, adventure, history, chillaxing places.

Give your neighbouring towns a chance to WOW you.

Anytime is a good time to take a #shotleft, and nothing is more fun!


3 thoughts on “Cradock, #shotleft to a little town with a big heart

  1. I absolutely love Die Tuishuise. One of my fav places to stay because its slightly different. Cradock is a great spot as well.

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