10 ways to be a great South African

10 small steps to make South Africa GREAT.



1. Be friendly | smile at people, acknowledge others, be helpful 

2. Don’t litter | lets start cleaning up this country, mess does not make a good impression

3. Say NO to corruption | clean up your own act, speak out, do not be part of it

4. Share your pride | focus on what you like about S.A and share it

5. Do your bit | do your job to the best of your ability every day

6. Think ! | think before you moan, rather apply your mind to a possible solution

7. Be fair | no one likes being ripped off, offer value and gain loyal supporters

8. Help | offer a step up rather than a hand out, you could change a life

9. Change | is not as scary as you think, embrace it

10. Be a Giver| rather than a taker and you will gain unexpected rewards.


2 thoughts on “10 ways to be a great South African

  1. I especially focus on #4 all the time. I’m proudly South African and will promote this beautiful country as much as I can, even if people accuse me of wearing rose coloured spectacles.

  2. I am the same. Numbers 1 and 4 are who I am. If others think my specs are tinted, I don’t care. No country is perfect, but Mzansi is perfect for me. Thats why we are #shotleft travel ninjas. Passion

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