Fun facts about elephants

Did you know… ?




  • In one day an adult elephant will eat and drink the equivalent of 714 Big Macs and 594 cans of Coke
  • An adult male can weigh as much a 3 Land Rovers or 6 Hyundai i 10’s
  • Elephants are vegetarians.
  • Elephants are right or left handed regarding their tusks. This is why the tusks vary in size and the degree of wear and tear as one tusk is favoured.
  •  A female elephant carries a baby for 22 months before giving birth.
  • New born ellies weigh in at around 120 kg’s.
  • Elephants spend 12 out of every 24 hours looking for and consuming food and water.
  • Elephants can tip toe, sort of. The spongy soles on their huge feet enable them to walk silently when they need to.
  • An elephant can go underwater and use it’s trunk as a snorkel.



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